Elevate Your iMac Or Thunderbolt Display With The Apogee Monitor Stand

Companies like Twelve South have built their entire business on accessories for Apple products. Powerslide Labs looks to do the same with their first product, The Apogee Monitor Stand. Built entirely out of aluminum, it has the look and finish of a something Apple would build themselves. It is designed to elevate your iMac or Monitor to allow for an ergonomic viewing angle. On the bottom of each of the legs are “grippy feet” to allow the stand to stay in place and keep from scratching your table. It comes with a built in cable management system to keep your desk looking clean and neat. Optionally, you can also order one with 3 built in USB 3.0 ports that is located on one of the front legs. The Apogee Monitor Stand is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and you can pledge $69 to get yours when it becomes available.

Twelve South Introduces HiRise For Your iMac, Apple Display

Twelve South has been known for their gorgeous product designs that matches those of Apple, and their latest addition is no exception. The HiRise is an adjustable stand for your iMac or Thunderbolt display as well as a built-in storage area for your external hard drives and other gadgets. The product looks similar to the Mac Pro's design and would fit right in with your Apple set up. 

It has been a common problem for a lot of iMac users who are looking for just a little bit of a lift on their huge screen estate for a more comfortable experience but just can't find the right height or accessory. This is where the HiRise shines; it is adjustable to a number of heights to fit just about everyone's needs and it looks amazing. 

The front face plate features a magnetic seal so just simply pull down to access whatever you chose to put inside the HiRise. The simplicity and functionality is great for anybody looking to prop their iMacs or Thunderbolt displays up a little higher and to gain much more storage space for their gadgets. 

The HiRise comes in at $79.99 and is available through Twelve South's website. Catch the video after the jump to see the HiRise in action.

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Thunderbolt Display Spills Its Guts For You To See

iFixit always prove to be very helpful when it comes to taking apart your electronic gadgets to fix them up or just for fun peeking around. This time iFixit posted up their teardown of the Apple Thunderbolt Display to reveal some very interesting guts you would never have thought to find in a display. Head over to the teardown page for the full procedure filled with useful information and detailed step-by-step teardown of Apple's 27" Thunderbolt Display.

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