CST-1, The World's Thinnest E Ink Watch

E Ink has partnered with Central Standard Timing to release the world's thinnest E Ink watch destined to wrap around your wrist like a functional slap bracelet. At just 0.80mm, the CST-01's razer thin profile and feather-like lightness is achieved by laminating flexible components including an E Ink display into a thin single piece of stainless spring steel while leaving behind any buttons and knobs. It's so thin and sharp looking it could also make a name for its self as the world's most dangerous watch. Hopefully that's not the case.

Charging and setting the time is done thru an external base station. And because the E Ink display barely wastes any power, the CST-01 watch features an eco-friendly micro-energy battery cell by Thinergy which provides enough power to keep the watch working for a month after just a quick 10 minute charge on the included base. 

Central Stand Timing's minimalist CST-01 E Ink watch just launched on Kickstarter, and is now available to be pre-ordered in black and white colors starting at $129.

Nir Schneider