iHome’s New Party Essentials

Every party requires music, most parties require really loud music, but the best parties need really loud music along with awesome lighting. iHome unveils their iP76 Color Changing Speaker Tower that will help you to do just that. Dock in your iPhone and select between different light modes: fading colors from one to another, pulsing to the music, or producing a strobe-like effect. It will be sure to get the party going.

This tower features four Reson8 technology speakers, Bluetooth wireless streaming, and an iPhone dock on the top. iHome plans to release this party starter in June for $200. 

Change Your iPhone 4's Glass Back With Metal

Changing the back glass cover of your iPhone 4 isn't as hard as you would think, in fact it's as easy as putting on an Apple Bumper case. All you need to do in order to replace the back glass housing of your iPhone 4 is to simply remove the two little screws located in between the speaker and mic, and then you just slide the back cover upwards a bit and your done. These metal back covers are extremely cheap at $13 and would be a great idea to have instead of having to worry about glass shattering. Wired reports that this will no affect your signal in anyway, are you sold yet? You can find these metal covers along with glass replacements on eBay or directly from cnn.cn. Head over to the source link for a quick little how-to.

Source Unplggd

Nir Schneider