Stay Safe On The Road With BlueAnt's Q3 Smart Bluetooth Headset

CES is coming up soon on January 8th and we have some exciting new announcements. One of them happens to be coming from BlueAnt Wireless who specialize in Bluetooth headsets and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Their latest entry to their line up is the BlueAnt Q3, featuring intuitive one-touch controls, crystal clear call quality and a highly sought-after full voice integration with Siri and Google Voice commands. Best part is that it's got up to five hours of talk time with battery life shown through an on-screen indicator.

As it would make sense that your Bluetooth headset will see the most use during your commute, BlueAnt's Wind Armor technology allows for clear call experience even with your windows rolled down. The integration with Siri and Google Voice will theoretically make your drive entirely hands-free with your iPhone or Android device. These seem perfect for anyone looking for a trusty pair of headsets that you can rely on.