Jawbone Debuts UP24 Fitness Tracker With Bluetooth 4.0, Real-Time Syncing

Jawbone has released an improved version of its popular UP fitness wristband tracker named the UP24. An improved version that now features Bluetooth 4.0 with wireless real-time data syncing in the background between the UP 3.0 companion app which currently only supports iOS. Thanks to the low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, the UP24 is always connected to your iOS device (hence the name) to alert and motivate you in real-time with your progress. It's also aesthetically different from the original UP wristband in that it has a rubbery wavy pattern design across its exterior surface as opposed to a zigzag pattern. Jawbone claims its UP24 can run for up to 7 days on a single charge.

UP24 is the only lifestyle tracker that pushes tailored, actionable information to you at just the right moment, enabled by wireless syncing via Bluetooth Smart™. It notifies you when you’ve reached your step goal with a push notification on your iOS device, as well as when you’re getting close to hitting your goal and need a gentle, motivational nudge to help you to succeed. UP24 can also be set to send notifications with a summary of your recent sleep activity at the moment you wake up, or a workout summary as soon as you complete a workout. Conveniently tap into the notification to see how you did or add more information. All notifications for UP and UP24 can be customized from your app Settings menu.  

The new UP24 is now available in persimmon orange and in onyx black colors for $150. In the meantime, the company will still be selling the original $130 UP band in 5 different colors.