Magpul iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 Field Case Tactical Cases Arrive

Due to a popular demand, Magpul has finally created and released its rifle magazine PMAG-inspired tactical Field Case case for the iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 devices. Although a little late, the move marks the company's first step into making durable and grip-tastic protective cases for devices other than the iPhone and now iPad. We were really pleased with Magpul's Field Case cases for the iPhone, and have always thought Android users were missing out on some really terrific low-cost cases and that Magpul should also consider making cases for other popular devices. And so the day has finally come, and Galaxy S3 and S4 users can finally join in on the action!

It isn't immediately clear whether Magpul's Field Case for the iPad mini will be compatible with the Retina iPad mini as well, and from the image above it doesn't look like Magpul designed its Field Case with the new Retina ipad mini in mind as there is no cutout for the back-facing noise-canceling microphone. We do believe that the Field Case will still fit both models of the iPad mini despite that small detail. The durable and semi-rigid TPU Field Case case for the iPad mini is available right now for $27, and in 10 different colors including clear on Amazon. No word on an iPad Air case yet, though we may still see something from Magpul in the near future if enough people show interest.

Meanwhile, Magpul's Field Case cases for both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 will only start shipping later in December for $17 in various colors, 14 to be exact. The Field Case for Samsung's Galaxy devices offer the same type of gippy textured, semi-rigid TPU material which features Magpul's famous PMAG-style ribs as part of the whole tactical styling and functional grippable textured surface that won't snag when you put your phone into your pocket or when you come to pull it out. Magpul isn't selling either of these cases directly as of now, but its distributors are. DSG Arms in particular is the first reseller to have all three new Field Case cases up for sale in all colors. Amazon also lists every single new Magpul Field Case too.