Logi Unveils Squarish Drop Protective Blok iPad Cases


Logitech has unveiled a series of new cases designed for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini under its new brand label Logi. The new Blok series of iPad cases consist of a rigid square-shaped protective case with flexible polymer-made corners designed to protect the iPad from drops of up to six feet in height. These corners were intentionally designed as reinforced areas providing extra protection where it's needed most by forming an air-cushioned barrier that effectively absorbs impacts. Logi's $40 Blok Shell is a non-bulky, minimalist protective case for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini, while the Blok Case for the iPad Air 2 adds a protective durable folio cover to the back of the Shell case that folds into a stand offering various degrees of viewing angles for $70.

I think it's safe to say that we're not alone in thinking that Logi's Blok cases have been strongly influenced by Microsoft's Surface tablet, and even remind us of Augment's Rubix iPhone case. Either way, these are quite attractive and simplistic-looking cases with some serious drop protection prowess.


The Blok Shell for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini is available in black, red/violet or teal/blue and so is the Blok Case for the iPad Air 2. Both cases can be pre-ordered now and are expected to ship in early August.


In addition, Logi's $130 Blok Keyboard case for the iPad Air 2 combines the Shell and Cover with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard for laptop-like usability or in a stand-alone folio case scenario. The Logi BLOK Protective Keyboard Case can be pre-ordered now in black or teal/blue and will start shipping in early August. 


Nir Schneider