Apple's New Leather Smart Case For iPad Air, iPad mini 2

We were hoping that Apple would release a few new keyboard cover accessories for the iPads, alas it dropped the ball on that missed opportunity. Apple did however release a new leather Smart Cover folio case accessory for the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini that's a lot like the older Smart Case and Smart Cover hybrid, only made out of the same premium aniline-type leather found on the iPhone 5s Case. As you'd expect, the leather Smart Case features a sleep/wake magnetic closure and can fold into a viewing stand as well as into a comfortable typing angle while offering full front to back protection.

The iPad Air Smart Case will set you back a hefty $79, while the smaller iPad mini version which is fully compatible with both the original and Retina iPad mini models, will cost you $69. The Smart Case comes in the same exact six leather color choices available for the iPhone 5s Case including black, beige, brown, yellow, blue and red. You'll be able to pick one up starting next month.