Glas.t Nano Slim By Spigen, World's Thinnest Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy S4 users better rejoice, Spigen has released the world's thinnest tempered glass screen protector with the new Glas.t Nano Slim. Available only for the Galaxy S4 for $35 - until Spigen decides to release an iPhone 5 variant and we hope it does soon, the new Glas.t Nano Slim features an Oleophobic coating and a thickness of just 0.15mm. That is insanely thin for a tempered glass screen protector with a surface hardness of 9H. The Glas.t Nano Slim is so thin that it does not interfere with the S-View Cover and Flip Cover accessories. Because it's so thin, the Galaxy S4's home button is no longer recessed by the glass compared to thicker versions of Spigen's Glas.t.

Generally, glass screen protectors are preferred over plastic ones because they offer unparalleled touchscreen interaction, shatter-resistant protection and tougher scratch resistance.