Mobee Intros Magic Case, Magic Cable Accessories For iOS Devices

The latest inductive charging tech to come out of Mobee this year is in the form of an iPhone case. Mobee's new Magic Case is the smallest, lightest, most powerful battery case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 to feature inductive wireless charging. Two models of the Magic Case battery case will be available on April 1st in five vibrant colors: a Magic Case with a 1500mAh battery capacity priced at $80, and a more powerful one with a 2100mAh battery capacity, which is priced at $120 and should triple the battery life of the iPhone 5s. Both Magic Case models can be recharged traditionally via an included USB cable, Mobee's portable Magic Juice backup battery pack as well as wirelessly on Mobee's Magic Feet or Magic Charger wireless inductive charging pads.

The only drawback that comes with it is that you'll need to purchase one of Mobee's wireless charging pads sepertely to take advantage of the Magic Case's wireless charging capability. And from what we understand, Mobee's wireless inductive charging is not universally Qi-supported.

In addition to that, Mobee has also announced that its new Magic Cable will be released alongside the Magic Case on April 1st for $20. The Magic Cable is a more robust, flat lightning connector to USB charge and sync cable designed for use with all Lightning iOS devices that also features svelte-looking aluminum connector tips. Mobee promises its Magic Cable will not tangle and that it can withstand arduous use.

Juice Pack Helium iPhone 5 Battery Case By Mophie

The most anticipated iPhone 5 battery case of all has finally arrived. Mophie announced its first iPhone 5 battery case called the Juice Pack Helium. The Helium builds upon the tremendously successful Juice Pack series of iPhone battery cases with a familiar slim (0.59-inch thick), two-piece design featuring a matte metallic finish and a slick curved back. But what's more important is the built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery which nearly doubles the battery life of the iPhone 5.

Like previous versions, the Juice Pack Helium channels the iPhone 5's speaker audio towards the front for better and more direct audio using sound ports. It also has four white LED indicators to help you check up on its battery status and an on/off switch. The iPhone 5's Lightning connector is replaced by a micro-USB port which will let you charge both your iPhone 5 and the Juice Pack Helium simultaneously. Mophie's Juice Pack Helium will begin shipping on February 14, and is now available for pre-order in silver metallic and dark metallic flavors for $80.

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Mophie Juice Pack Plays Well With Samsung's Galaxy S III Too

More so now then ever, we are using our mobile devices constantly and pushing it to its last drops of power. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can never have too much battery life. We've seen Mophie's battery cases for the iPhone, but now, after seeing Samsung's sales figures for the S III of a whopping 30 million units sold, Mophie's got a Juice Pack for the Galaxy S III. 

This ulta-thin and durable case is similar to that of the iPhone version. Housed in the back is a rechargeable battery that will theoretically double the life of your Galaxy S III. This means you'll get an extra 32 hours of music playback or 9 hours of consistent web browsing without having to worry about a thing. So if you do the math, this should last you an entire day without a problem. If you were worried about NFC or Android beam, the Juice Pack is compatible with them. On the backside, there is an LED display that informs you of the battery life as well. 

Coming in at $99.95, you can grab yourselves a Mophie Juice Pack today from their website and give your Galaxy S III the power it's been dreaming about. 

Mophie Juice Pack Pro, The Toughest iPhone Battery Case Yet

Mophie has announced a new battery case that will join its Juice Pack line of highly praised iPhone battery cases very soon. The Juice Pack Pro is the company's most rugged iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 battery case ever. It features an ultra-tough and rugged co-molded rubber and polycarbonate design that's impact resistant and offers superior drop protection that exceeds military specs along with water splashing and rain, sand and dust as well as vibration and shock protection. The Juice Pack Pro is said to have a very large battery capacity, though Mophie has yet to release the exact specs we're banking on a massive 3200mAh 2500mAh built-in rechargeable battery, a built-in screen shield, sealed ports and it'll also be accompanied with a belt clip. Mophie's Juice Pack Pro will most likely retail at around $130. 

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Kensington's BungeeAir Battery Case Alerts You When You Forget Your iPhone 4

Thank you Kensington for making the most useful battery case the iPhone 4 has ever seen. Kensington's new BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether battery case is a slim 3-in-1 case that not only can it juice up your iPhone 4 with its built-in 1500mAh battery, but perhaps the most useful feature it packs is a wireless security alert system that will alert you should you forget your iPhone 4 and it'll alert you right away even before you can get far away from it. When the BungeeAir case senses that it has been left behind, it will immediately alert the BungeeAir key fob that you'll be carrying around with you that will alert you by loud beeping noises as well as vibration. It will also lock your iPhone 4's screen requiring a passcode as a precautionary step in case someone is quick on their feet to find your missing iPhone 4. It also has a built-in stand for landscape and portrait viewing angles. Apple should really consider handing these out to its employees from now on.

The BungeeAir security system also works both ways in case you lose your keys with the BungeeAir key fob attached to help you find them quicker. There is of course a limiting proximity in which both wireless receivers can work in and that also depends on the environment. An average distance of 50 feet is the limit in which both BungeeAir receives can operate in. The BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether case will be available for $99.99. A battery-less offering is also available for $79.99. Video after the break!

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MiPow Juice Cover Battery Case Juices Up Your iPad 2

There are very few battery cases made for the iPad 2. That's no surprise since the iPad has a massive internal battery under its aluminum hood that lasts forever. Sometimes that isn't enough to keep your Multi-Touch fingers from draining all that juice. Thankfully, MiPow has got your back with its Juice Cover for the iPad 2. Despite the name, the Juice Cover isn't a cover, but more of a super slim case that is also designed to work with Apple's Smart Cover, and it's got a built-in battery that supposedly will provide you with an additional 70% of extra power thanks to its massive 6000mAh battery capacity. Cutouts insure you've got full access to the volume and sleep/wake buttons and ports. MiPow's Juice Cover battery case for the iPad 2 will be available in Smart Cover colors so that you'll be able to perfectly match both together. Availability date and pricing are yet to be announced.