White iPod Touch Announced, Now With 64GB

After releasing the iPhone 4S today, Apple has also announced the addition of a white iPod Touch which has been long overdue. Apple's number one portable gaming device will be available to the masses starting October 12 with iOS 5 on board in both black and white in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB models for $199, $299 and $399, respectively. Unlike the iPhone 4S, the iPod Touch hasn't seen any new spec updates.

Nir Schneider


White iPod Touch Found In A Noodle Bar

Yeah, no joke. The guys over at M.I.C Gadget over in China went for lunch at a noodle bar in the city of Shenzhen when they found a white iPod Touch 4G that apparently someone has lost. As much as I would have liked to believe that this is in fact the real deal, unfortunately it isn't. It's only a black iPod Touch that underwent a transplant with a white front panel that we've seen surface in China. The white home button is only a sticker that was placed to hide the original black home button. Apparently the owner did a half-ass job! Doesn't it still look beautiful though? Come on Apple, where are those white iPod Touch 4Gs and 5Gs? See the video after the break.

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The Move Lets You Attach Your iPhone 4 To Your Clothing

Kickstarter has brought us yet another awesome new innovative product waiting to hit the stores with your help. The Move, lets you wear your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch and attach your iDevice anywhere on your clothing. What's so awesome about it is that it doesn't use any clips and magnets but instead, The Move is placed underneath your clothing while you snap your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch into The Move from the front of your clothing and it will be held securely in place.

It's a pretty brilliant and an innovative idea if you ask me. The possibilities in using The Move to shoot video are vast. The questions is, how comfortable is it having an iPhone 4 literally built-into your shirt? Maybe you can feel how it is to be Iron Man. Can I get an iPad 3 version please? Hit up the source link to pre-order yours for $25, plus a video of this thing in action. 

Nir Schneider


BeyzaCases Debuts World's Thinnest Zero Series Of Leather Sleeves & Pouches

BeyzaCases' new Zero Series of slim leather sleeves and pouches is said to be the world's thinnest genuine leather sleeves and pouches ever made. The Zero Series for the iPhone 4 looks very similar to BeyzaCases' more padded SlimLine Stripes pouch for the iPhone 4 which I reviewed and loved last year. The new Zero Series will be available for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 2 and the 11" MacBook Air in various colors, and are priced at €24.95 ($35), €24.95 ($35), €54.95 ($79) and €69.95 ($100), respectively. The Zero Series of leather sleeves and pouches are now available for pre-order and will start to ship on May 31.

Juice Pack Air Battery Case For iPod Touch 4G Released By Mophie

It was a long time coming, but long at last Mophie has released their popular Juice Pack Air battery case for the iPod Touch 4G. It's the first of its kind to nearly double the iPod Touch 4G's battery life using the internal 1000mAh built-in battery, all in an ultra-slim, light-weight form factor. You can charge and sync your iPod Touch 4G with iTunes with the supplied (most likely micro-USB) cable while still inside the Juice Pack Air case. It's available right now in three soft-touch matte colors for $49.95.

Get Your Steve Jobs In Carbonite iPhone Cases & Skins While They're Hot

True Apple fans will find this Steve Jobs frozen like Han Solo in carbonite case available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G/S to be a must have geeky case. This slim back snap-on case will run you $35 while you can secure yourself with just a simple back skin for your iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/S and all of the iPod Touch gens for $15 a pop. Get them while they're hot because Apple will most likely send these folks the cease and desist.

Nir Schneider