The Move Lets You Attach Your iPhone 4 To Your Clothing

Kickstarter has brought us yet another awesome new innovative product waiting to hit the stores with your help. The Move, lets you wear your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch and attach your iDevice anywhere on your clothing. What's so awesome about it is that it doesn't use any clips and magnets but instead, The Move is placed underneath your clothing while you snap your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch into The Move from the front of your clothing and it will be held securely in place.

It's a pretty brilliant and an innovative idea if you ask me. The possibilities in using The Move to shoot video are vast. The questions is, how comfortable is it having an iPhone 4 literally built-into your shirt? Maybe you can feel how it is to be Iron Man. Can I get an iPad 3 version please? Hit up the source link to pre-order yours for $25, plus a video of this thing in action. 

Nir Schneider