Strike Industries' New Bullet Proof iPhone 4 Case

It isn't everyday you see a bullet proof iPhone 4 case being carried around. Strike Industries wants you to protect yourself and your iPhone 4 against bullet penetration with their new iPhone 4 case called the Battle Phone Case. Similar to Magpul, Strike Industries has no background in case manufacturing, but they do know their way around tactical weapon accessories. Unlike many iPhone 4 cases out there, the Battle Phone Case for the iPhone 4 features a handle which is an extension of the case itself so you can easily grab that iPhone of yours deep within your pocket. I kind of like the looks of this case, if I do say so myself. The specific details are a bit hazy right now, but all we know if that you'll be able to add a Kevlar insert for additional impact protection from a .22mm bullet, as well as a lens protector.

Strike Industries should release their iPhone 4 case in early August. As to the price, you'll have to wait for more info. Will the Battle Phone Case (BFC for short) prove to be just as good as Magpul's non-bullet proof Executive Field Case? I sure hope so. 

Nir Schneider