Lightplay: The Almighty Micro Android Projector

Android is known for their immensely and sometimes ridiculously large screens, yeah, I'm talking about the Note II. Giving rise to a whole new kind of tech -- the Phablet. Well, 5 inch screens are cool, but how about 80 inches? Phonesuit is ready to show the world their smart micro media projector powered by Android called Lightplay. It is capable of projecting everything Android onto your wall for up to 80 inches of Android goodness. 

Everything in the Google Play store is available and compatible for the Lightplay and let's be honest, everything is better when it's bigger. Stream Netflix, watch your favorite Youtube videos, play some addictive Fruit Ninja, and everything else you'd normally have running on your phone. You can even use it as an extra screen through WiFi, similar to Apple's AirPlay

Included with the projector is a motion controlled, 3 axis gyroscope controller with a wireless keyboard on-board for you to play your favorite games like you would on the Wii. Aside from fun, it is also compatible with the Microsoft Office Suite for presentations on PowerPoint. Other features include two USB ports to connect anything you want, from a keyboard and mouse to an external hard drive. 

The Note II doesn't look that good anymore now does it? Experience a whole new meaning to media and preorder the Lightplay Android projector Phonesuit's website for a 20% off price of $399.99. Shipping begins on November 1st. Video after the jump!

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