Blink/Steady Smart Bike Light Automagically Turns On/Off

It was about time someone invented a better, more efficient visibility bike light that didn't require turning on or off using buttons. The Blink/Steady has a no-button, low-profile all-aluminum machined design that uses an accelerometer and a light sensor enabling it to automatically turn on when it senses that it's getting dark, and off when it senses that you've arrived at your destination. You'll never even have to think about it. It does what it needs to all on its own. The Blink/Steady bike light is secured by the seatpost meaning it won't be very easy for someone to quickly snatch it off.

It features two different modes, and that's all there is to choose from. Blinking or a steady red light. But there's no buttons. This is a smart bike light silly, install it one way for a blinking mode and the opposite way if you want a steady light to shine. The built-in accelerometer knows which way is up and which way is down, switching between the two modes. Now that's brilliant! 

It uses two AAA batteries as a power source that should last for about 200 hours of continuous use. It's waterproof, made in the USA, available in black and silver, and did we forget to mention it'll cost you $95 a piece? Now all that's missing is a headlight version.

Nir Schneider