Almond+ Looks To Reinvent The Router

Routers are like printers. With technology advancing at a blazing pace, they remain some of the most difficult, expensive, and frustrating pieces of gadgets we still use. Securifi is a company that is working to redesign and rethink the way we use wireless routers with the Almond+.

The Almond+ is roughly the size of an iPad and uses a 2.8 inch TFT screen to control all of its functions. Gone are the days of configuring and setting up your wi-fi via your PC or Mac. Plug it in. Follow the on screen directions and you’re set to go. It's as easy as that and your parents will love it. On top of being a router, it comes with ZigBee and Z-Wave, technologies that allow you to control lights and lock/unlock your door wirelessly. Check out the tech specs below for more information.

  • 802.11ac + n Dual Band Concurrent
  • 2.4GHz 2x2 MIMO - 300Mbps
  • 5GHz 2x2 MIMO - 867 Mbps
  • 2.8” TFT Touchscreen
  • Linux 2.6.36
  • 1+4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 1 USB 2.0
  • ZigBee (2.4GHz)
  • Z-Wave US (908MHz)
  • Z-Wave Europe (868 MHz)
  • 620MHz Processor
  • 128MB RAM

If you’re tired of setting up and managing your parents wireless problems or you’re just looking for a modern answer to the router, you can pick one up on Kickstarter for $95.

Winbot 7 Robotic Window Cleaner Will Clean For Electrecity

If you live above ground level, chances are your windows are in desperate need to exterior cleaning. And because you probably aren't going to climb outside Mission Impossible style to do it yourself, why not let a robot do the dirty work for you? Ecovacs' new Winbot 7 is an easy to use, quiet robotic window cleaner that is similar in size to current small household robotic floor cleaners such as the Rombaa and Mint. Much like existing floor cleaning robots, the Winbot 7 uses sensors to automatically draw an efficient cleaning pattern in which it will return back to its initial starting point when finished. Active dual suction rings enable it to securely suck itself onto any framed or frame-less glass window inside or out, while numerous reusable microfiber pads carry out a three-stage cleaning arrangement which will supposedly result in a streak-free and spotless glass surface.

Apart from pushing the unit's "start cleaning my filthy window button", you'll need to spray the cleaning pad with a cleaning solution ahead of time. Ecovac took safety into account and made sure to equip a tethered safety harness when using the Winbot 7 to clean windows above ground level. Ecovacs' Winbot 7 will join the company's existing floor cleaning robots next year in yellow and white colors for an unspecified retail price.