Keep Your Dreams Alive With Snooze

We all hate having to get up early in the morning to get on with our day. Your dream of the year is disturbed by a loud and obnoxious alarm coming from your iPhone. Sometimes you just want a few more minutes to try and relive that dream, but the built-in snooze button isn't exactly the biggest button on your phone. Fumbling around for it, you end up dropping it and creating a huge hassle for yourself in the morning. Your day hasn't even started and it's already off to a bad start. 

The creators over at Distil Union created an easy solution to solve all of that. Snooze, their alarm clock dock for your iPhone features a huge snooze button that you will have no problem giving the well-deserved smackdown for disrupting your precious sleep. Made from a flexible rubber material, the snooze button will mechanically transfer the force to your volume buttons, which puts your alarm to snooze. Docked on either high quality wood or aluminum, your iPhone will fit right in safely on top of your nightstand. You will be able to charge your iPhone through the night as well since the Snooze features a removable plug that will house your cable. 

Head on over to their pledge page on Kickstarter to help support a simple but genious innovation to your early morning woes.