Recoil Winder Automatically Sucks Your Cable Mess

Oh boy, not another cable managing system. I sat thru the entire video pitch waiting to see if this time I'd see something different other than yet another run-of-the-mill cable wrapping manager. And to my surprise, this ingenious little contraption actually does the job for you quickly and efficiently by a specially designed spring loaded self-winding mechanism that literally sucks a cable you feed it and neatly wrapping it around within itself. It's the only automatic, self-winding cord gadget we've ever seen, and we really like the sound of that.

The Recoil Winder is this gadget's name, a Kickstarter project that has gotten a lot of attention recently thanks to its unique concept and terrific performance on video. It comes in three sizes to better accommodate different types of cables from thick and long (that's what she said), to headphone cables with in-line remote control and mic. The thing is though, each Recoil Winder can only store a single cable. So if you're someone that owns a plethora of cables, prepare to drop some cash in exchange for convenience. You can pre-order a small Recoil Winder for $8, a medium for $9, a large for $10 or pick from various bundles starting at $30. Catch the video after the break!

Thanks for the tip, David!

Nir Schneider