iPhone 5 Smart Covers

Ever since Apple released the Smart Covers for the iPad 2, people already speculated similar covers for the iPhone 5 will replace the current Bumper cases for the iPhone 4. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5 with a similar aluminum back as found on the iPad 2, and as we learned from Apple's iPad 2 keynote, they worked so hard to design a beautiful looking device that they did not want to cover it all up. Will we see a new breed of Smart Covers for the iPhone 5? It's definitely a possibility. Apple will want to wow customers with new and exciting accessories for the iPhone 5 and I don't think we will see the famous Bumper case sticking around once the iPhone 5 is released. Those Smart Covers above are just an idea of how they will look on the iPhone 5. I digg them already.

Nir Schneider