The iPad 2's Glass Is Super Tough

Even though the iPad and the iPad 2 never used Gorilla Glass, they are still very strong. The iPad 2's glass is 27% thinner than the glass found on the first generation iPad. iFixYouri thought it would be nice to test out both the iPads glass to see which is stronger. It turns out the iPad 2's glass is much stronger and flexible than the iPad 1. Anyone else think that iPad 2 was extremely close to the edge of that table? It was used to take a different angle video of the test and the quality looks much better than the main camera that the guys over at iFixYouri used to shoot the video. Check out the video after the break and don't try this at home kids.

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iPhone 5 Smart Covers

Ever since Apple released the Smart Covers for the iPad 2, people already speculated similar covers for the iPhone 5 will replace the current Bumper cases for the iPhone 4. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5 with a similar aluminum back as found on the iPad 2, and as we learned from Apple's iPad 2 keynote, they worked so hard to design a beautiful looking device that they did not want to cover it all up. Will we see a new breed of Smart Covers for the iPhone 5? It's definitely a possibility. Apple will want to wow customers with new and exciting accessories for the iPhone 5 and I don't think we will see the famous Bumper case sticking around once the iPhone 5 is released. Those Smart Covers above are just an idea of how they will look on the iPhone 5. I digg them already.

Nir Schneider


GelaSkins Now Available For The iPad 2

GelaSkins are now available for the iPad 2. The usual designs are available with a few new ones for $29.95, including a front and back skin with a matching wallpaper. You can order now and expect yours to ship out starting March 14. 

Nir Schneider


Second Next-Gen iPod Touch Part Surfaces

As September draws closer and closer, it's that time of the year again when all the new iPod rumors start flying. Only a little while back, pictures of what claimed to be the LCD front panel of the next generation iPod touch appeared online, and now a second has been found by MICGadget. This alleged part has a label 'Apple (c) 2010' written on it, and is identical to the first one. Both have a small hole in the top centre, for what is widely rumored to be a FaceTime capable front facing camera. MICGadget claims that this was obtained through an unidentified Apple parts supplier, and is on sale for $95. Whether or not this a genuine Apple part, we'll have to wait until next month to find out.

Source MICGadget