TidyTilt, The Mini Smart Cover For iPhone 4S (Video)

We've speculated in the past whether Apple would make Smart Covers for the iPhone 5, but pair of designers wasted no time waiting and have come up with TidyTilt. This miniature Smart Cover-esque accessory was designed for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 to enable multiple magnetic stand positions like Smart Covers do with the iPad 2. Rolling the TidyTilt into a mini triangle not only serves as a versatile stand for the iPhone but it'll also keep your in-ear headphones wrapped up neatly inside when folded up.

In order for the TidyTilt to mimic how a Smart Cover works and compensate for the lack of integrated magnets in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, a thin magnetic metal frame with a residue-free adhesive sticks to the back of the iPhone and auto-aligns the TidyTilt cover with its embedded magnets into its place while keeping it securely attached to the iPhone at all times. It can also easily detach from the frame when needed. The metal frame also doubles as a protective edge that keeps the back glass of your iPhone scratch-free while adding some magnetic clinging abilities strong enough that you can stick your iPhone onto any magnetic surface. Other than some compass interference, TidyTilt and all these magnets aren't going to harm your device.

Like all promising things, TidyTilt is a Kickstarter project waiting to come to life with the help of backing. By the looks of it, we think TidyTilt will become a reality quickly. Who wouldn't want a mini-me Smart Cover for their iPhone? Granted TidyTilt isn't actually covering and protecting the front screen of the iPhone, but we will have to leave that to Apple and the magic of embedded magnets. You can pre-order yours in four different colors for $19. Check out the video after the break!