Twelve South HoverBar Floats iPads Around Your Apple Display

Twelve South has come out with yet another Mac-only accessory cleverly called the HoverBar. It can attach an iPad 2 to any iMac and Apple Display for what Twelve South's calls a Tony Stark-inspired, futuristic setup any multi-tasking, social networking fanatic, stock watcher, weather hobbyist geek would love to come home to. Or not leave home at all. The HoverBar is a flexible arm strong enough to position an iPad 2 besides or above your display while the ball joint allows for various viewing angles and orientations.

Twelve South's HoverBar mount can also serve many different tasks with its sturdy and padded two-way clamp. It can attach your iPad 2 to a desk, kitchen cabinet or any other surface edge up to 1-inch thick as a versatile standalone iPad 2 stand. You can grab the HoverBar right now for $79.99. Video after the break!

Nir Schneider