iCloud Revealed, Offers Free Storage & Streaming Services

Along with Apple announcing iOS 5, Mac OSX Lion, they have announced iCloud. iCloud that will backup your apps, songs, books, photos, videos and contacts. You will be able to have access to any of your information from any device whether it is a tablet, phone, or laptop/desktop. This will be taking over Mobile Me and the apps have been rewritten. iWork will be playing nice with iCloud, and app history, device settings, new photos, purchased music will all be automatically over wi-fi. The iTunes app for the iCloud will be available as the end of today. Contacts and mail and calendar store will be free, while some of the rest will be paided subscriptions. The rest will be announced.

Google's Free Music Streaming Service Goes Live

Google has released all kinds of new goodies today at their I/O keynote today in San Francisco, this time Google has announced a new music streaming service called Music by Google. It's currently in beta and on invitation only basis. The whole point of Music by Google is to let you upload your music collection to Google's cloud storage and then you will be able to stream and listen to your music online and on your Android device using the Android Music app, for free. Songs that you've already fully played will be cached on your device and will be available for offline listening. Possibly the best thing off all is the ease of use, users will be able to directly upload their music library straight from iTunes or any music folder. What are you waiting for? Go request a Music by Google invite, it's free! 

Nir Schneider