iTunes 10.3 Now Out, Re-Download All Your Purchases

Apple has released a beta version of iTunes, iTunes 10.3 featuring iCloud services that have already begun their streaming and syncing wonderness on all iOS devices inside the App Store and even on the iTunes app. iTunes 10.3 enables you to automatically re-download music, app and book purchases to all your iDevices for free. iTunes lets you access your purchase history and lets you chose whether you want to automatically download content you don't yet have on a certain device or individually. 

I was able to re-download a few songs on my MacBook Pro that I've purchased over on my MacBook Air flawlessly. The download cloud icon will appear next to a song, app or book when it isn't found on your device and enables you to re-download it, quickly and easily. To get to the "Purchased" section in order to re-download your purchases on any devices wirelessly, you need to to first download iTunes 10.3 to you Mac or PC. Once you've got it up and running, go to the iTunes Store and on the right hand side of the store you will see the "Purchased" link inside the "Quick Links" menu box.

Nir Schneider


Barnes & Noble Announced New Touchscreen Enabled Nook

An all new Nook has been released today by Barnes & Noble packing a 6" touch-enabled E-Ink display and an 80% faster page refresh with minimized flashing compared to other E-Ink readers. The new Nook has improved long-lasting battery life which lets you read for up to 2 months on a single charge. You won't find any 3G inside the new Nook unlike the first generation except for built-in WiFi. The new Nook comes with pre-installed 2GB of memory that is expandable via microSDHC up to 32GB. It's 35% lighter and 6% thinner and over an inch shorter than the first generation Nook. The new Nook is now up for pre-order for $139, and starts shipping on June 10.

Nir Schneider


Amazon Kindle 3G E-Reader Coming To AT&T Stores Nationwide

AT&T today announced it will begin selling Amazon's bestselling Kindle 3G in AT&T retail stores nationwide beginning March 6. The Kindle 3G will sell without a contract and wireless fees for $189. There isn't any special pricing compared to Amazon's online price but you will be able to test one out for yourself at an AT&T retail store. I say buy straight from Amazon and save on tax.

Nir Schneider


App Store Hacked!

2 iPhone developers have uncovered a massive security flaw in the App Store. The rating of their apps dramatically dropped, so Patrick Thomson and Alex Brie looked into it and realized someone had been hacking into iTunes accounts to buy apps developed by someone called Thuat Nguyen. And so by doing this, the hacker was able to rank 41 of his apps in the top 50 of the Books category. 

Below is a picture of the extent of the problem. And the question remains, how has this developer managed to hack enough iTunes accounts to buy the number of apps required for each to dominate the paid books category on iTunes?


Of course, by the time you read this, I’m sure Apple will removed these apps, and Apple will of probably give the money back to people who were hacked. So until this is officially fixed, the best option would be to change your iTunes password. 

This is probably the first instance of the App Store being hacked. Unfortunately, this might not be the last we see of it.

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