MonkeyOh Charges Your iPhone The Way A Monkey Would

There have been numerous products with a similar application, yet none of them really addressed the issue of concealing and neatly wrapping a long charging cable like the one you get with the iPhone 5, but Kickstarter product named MonkeyOh does exactly that. It's a charging dock designed as a cute hugging monkey that plugs directly into an electrical wall socket and securely grabs onto a device such as the iPhone 5 in either portrait or landscape orientations whilst it eliminates any cord clutter.

Here’s how this clever dock works…Simply slide your Apple power adapter into MonkeyOh’s “backpack” slot, plug the USB end of the power cord into the monkey’s mouth and wrap the cord around the backpack. The clever design instantly organizes your space by getting rid of tangled cords. Finally, slide your smartphone into the flexible yet durable monkey arms for comfortable, hands-free multi-media viewing. The MonkeyOh can accommodate the smartphone in portrait or landscape orientation.  

By utilizing your Apple branded USB power adapter, the MonkeyOh can be offered at a reduced cost of $15 - $17. Felix, the company behind the MonkeyOh, claims that it'll also work with Samsung's Galaxy S3 and S4 devices including other similar smartphones with or without a protective case. Away from a power outlet, the MonkeyOh also doubles as a viewing stand.

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Rokform Outs RokDock Aluminum iPhone 5 Dock

Looking for a rock solid Lightning charging dock for your iPhone 5 or iPod touch? Look no further than Rokform's new beastly, American-made RokDock. It's one of the more cubified, robust-looking iPhone docks we've ever seen. Built out of three pounds of raw CNC machined aluminum, the RokDock promises a sturdy one-handed undocking. The solid machined construction is a precise interlocking of two individual parts that separate for easy Lightning cable replacement. It features perforated audio channels and an adjustable rubber support insert that'll let you use most iPhone 5 cases including Rokform's Rokshield V3 case.

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OCDock Brilliantly Designed For iPhone 5 Users With An iMac Or Apple Display

Aluminum iPhone docks aren't on short supply. In fact every new dock out there is made from the stuff. We've seen plenty of amazing iPhone 5 docks recently, but none are as Apple fanboy-girl-dedicated as this one. The $59 OCDock by OCDesk is a the one and only dock made exclusively for Apple fanatics. It's a dock with a svelte aluminum build, finished off with a bead blasted Apple finish which is designed to seamlessly sit at the footstep of your iMac or Thunderbolt Display where it'll play its part in solving your first-world problems of a clutter desk environment. Plus, it'll charge up your iPhone 5 in absolute minimalist, wireless-looking style.

You see, the OCDock was designed with the world's thinnest cable which means it can sit vistually against the aluminum pedastal of the Apple Display while the thinner ribbon USB cable is routed underneath the base of the display.

The OCDock will fit most protective cases thanks to the three different interchangeable silicone support inserts, and features a bevy of features like the all desired one-handed undocking and a patented spring-loaded charging plate that slides up or down to reveal more or less of the Lightning connector depending on the bulk of protective case you have on your iPhone. So when they said this dock is compatible with most iPhone cases, they really mean it.

The $55 OCDock Mini is an even slimmer version of the standard OCDock for those who prefer to use their iPhone naked, and keep it that way. If you're looking to get an amazing iPhone dock to compliment your iMac and Apple Thunderbolt Display, you've got to be a fool not to pre-order the OCDock. A fool! The OCDock and OCDock Mini are both available to pre-order on Kickstarter in either matte silver or black finished aluminum. If you've got an iPhone 4/S, the OCDock is also available in a 30-pin charging connector model as well. Everyone wins, except for Android and Windows 8 users.

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Lumawake Is The First SMART Dock For The iPhone

The guys at Lumawake seem to have thought of everything from the moment that you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. They take the dock and completely redesigns it for much bigger purposes than just to act as a seat for your iPhone. With the proper set up, you can have this little guy power your entire house. It's the smartest dock we've ever seen.

Constructed out of a similar material as your iPhone, the Lumawake dock blends right in with all of your other Apple devices and has some exciting hardware features. Packed with multi-color LEDs, the dock will automatically light up whenever you want to dock or undock your iPhone due to the infrared motion sensors built in. On top of that, it can keep track of your sleeping patterns without the use of annoying bracelets or other external devices, just download their app. This product is much more impressive when you see it, so make sure to check out their product video after the break.

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iPhone 5 Elevation Dock, One Stunning Aluminum Dock

The most influential iPhone 4S dock is now ready to take on the iPhone 5. The made-in-the-USA Elevation Dock is a beautifully machined, weighty solid aluminum dock fitted with a removable Lightning connector assembly that works with all sorts of iPhone 5 cases. Some of the aluminum finishes the iPhone 5 Elevation Dock comes in include polished anodized blue and black colors as well as glass bead blasted matte silver and black finishes which closely match the finish of Apple products. We haven't seen much if any iPhone 5 docks that are at the Elevation Dock's level, it really is absolutely stunning - and functional too. Besides having the ability to use virtually any case on your iPhone 5 with the Elevation Dock, docking your device will provide you with the perfect portrait viewing and FaceTimeing camera angle too.

The iPhone 5 Elevation Dock doesn't feature an audio-out port like its iPhone 4S sibling nor does it come with a pre-installed Lightning cable or connector, so you're going to have to use the one you have on hand. And it doesn't come cheap either at $89.

Finally, A Dock Fit For Your Gorgeous iPhone 5

Ever since the rumors of the Lightning connector, manufacturers have been rushing to supply customers with a dock that is just as awesome as the iPhone 5 itself, especially considering that Apple isn't directly selling any docks. Lots of people tried but not many have succeeded; we think Dock+ just might be what we've been looking for. 

Taking a solid piece of steel, the creators of Dock+ infuses great and simple design with a clear function into the perfect dock for your iPhone 5 or any other product with a Lightning connector, such as the iPad mini and the new iPod Touch. As it is created out of a heavy material, one-handed docking and undocking comes easily and securely. You won't have to worry about knocking your iPhone over and it comes with a rubber bottom to prevent any sliding. 

The Dock+ also features a soft rubber padding that prevents any contact between the steel and your iPhone so as to not damage or scratch it. Even with a bulky case on your device, Dock+ will still be able to dock and charge it. The Lightning charging pin features a flex design to ensure easy undocking. The power connects through an included micro-USB cable that threads through the bottom of the Dock+, maintaining the clean and simple design. 

The Dock+ is currently going through fundraising on Kickstarter and is available in Black or White to match your iPhone's color or a Kickstarter special Raw Steel. Head on over to their page and get pledging!

The Lightning Dock's Aluminum iPhone 5 Dock

All right we admit it, these Lightning charging docks for the iPhone 5 are kind of getting sleeker and more simplistic by the day. And we like what we see. We've found out about yet another new Lightning dock for the iPhone 5 that's made by a company conveniently called The Lightning Dock or TLD for short. Their iPhone 5 Dock comes in two simplistic and sleek designs made out of either a solid aluminum or hardwood weighted puck with rubbery feet, both of which claim to be very stable even though the only support that keeps the iPhone 5 vertically standing is the tiny, built-in Lightning dock connector cable.

But we doubt that the dock will keep your iPhone 5 safely steady if you touch anywhere from the middle to the top part of the touchscreen while docked. TLD's iPhone 5 Dock includes a Lightning cable and priced at $80 for the aluminum dock and $50 for the hardwood dock, respectively. See it in action after the jump.

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