Rumor: iPad 5 Case Taking Design Cues From The iPad Mini

Electronic accessory company MiniSuit has provided Gadgetmac with an exclusive photo of what they claim to be the new redesign of the iPad 5. Apple typically sends accessory makers dimensions of upcoming products beforehand so that they have a sufficient amount of time to begin manufacturing. MiniSuit notes that dimensions were from a “reliable source” and that the iPad 5 takes design cues from the iPad Mini in the forms of a thinner, slimmer bodied case with less bezel on either side. There is also a small hole near the top of the case which would presumably be the rear-facing microphone along with a larger speaker grill at the bottom which could mean dual-speakers like the stereo ones present in the iPad Mini. Little else is revealed but this comes at a time in which Apple is reportedly switching to a twice-a-year refresh for their iPad line of products and could be announced as soon as March.

Speck Covers The iPad mini With Its CandyShell Cases

Speck's candylicious CandyShell and CandyShell Grip cases are now available for the iPad mini. Known for their co-molded, tough impact protective exterior hard plastic and soft shock-absorbing rubbery interior, the CandyShell cases are one of our favorite thin-profiled drop protective cases for Apple's 7.9-inch tablet cuteness including the iPhone and iPod touch. The CandyShell case features a slick and glossy exterior finish while the CandyShell Grip provides your butterfingers with all the necessary traction using a rubber grip texture. Both are now available in limited colors for $45.

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Finally, A Dock Fit For Your Gorgeous iPhone 5

Ever since the rumors of the Lightning connector, manufacturers have been rushing to supply customers with a dock that is just as awesome as the iPhone 5 itself, especially considering that Apple isn't directly selling any docks. Lots of people tried but not many have succeeded; we think Dock+ just might be what we've been looking for. 

Taking a solid piece of steel, the creators of Dock+ infuses great and simple design with a clear function into the perfect dock for your iPhone 5 or any other product with a Lightning connector, such as the iPad mini and the new iPod Touch. As it is created out of a heavy material, one-handed docking and undocking comes easily and securely. You won't have to worry about knocking your iPhone over and it comes with a rubber bottom to prevent any sliding. 

The Dock+ also features a soft rubber padding that prevents any contact between the steel and your iPhone so as to not damage or scratch it. Even with a bulky case on your device, Dock+ will still be able to dock and charge it. The Lightning charging pin features a flex design to ensure easy undocking. The power connects through an included micro-USB cable that threads through the bottom of the Dock+, maintaining the clean and simple design. 

The Dock+ is currently going through fundraising on Kickstarter and is available in Black or White to match your iPhone's color or a Kickstarter special Raw Steel. Head on over to their page and get pledging!

Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover Hands-On

Nearly two days before the official release of the iPad mini, Apple's mini Smart Cover accessories are already hitting people's doorsteps. The new iPad mini Smart Cover sells for $39, not a dollar less, not a dollar more than the original iPad Smart Cover. Apart from the obvious smaller size, the Smart Cover for the iPad mini is an even simpler polyurethane-made cover that uses an all-polyurethane magnetic hinge instead of the more premium-like aluminum version found on the larger Smart Cover. And we're scratching our head brains right now, because while this is a less costly and smaller accessory compared to the original, Apple is charging us equally. Essentially overpricing what should have been a fully protective Apple Smart Case instead.

The iPad mini Smart Cover is only available in a polyurethane version with a color selection that includes red (Product Red), dark gray, light gray, green, blue and pink. Even though it may look less fancy and magical, the iPad mini Smart Cover is without a doubt a Smart Cover from a functional standpoint. It magnetically clings onto the side of the iPad mini , and can fold into a triangle and magnetically keep itself together to form two different types of viewing angles - one for typing and one for your landscape viewing pleasure.

The mini version of the cover is separated into three foldable segments as opposed to the four on the larger version, and as a result, it feels less substantial and robust. Though with the smaller size and weight of the iPad mini, this shouldn't really be a cause for concern.

Now that the hinge is fully covered, or should we say entirely made from a soft and pleasant to the touch microsuede material which comes in contact with the aluminum of the iPad mini, scratching and scuffing concerns are a thing of the past. While the aluminum hinge found on the iPad Smart Cover gives a more premium look and feel to the product, this little all-polyurethane Smart Cover should hold up very well overtime as well as being much lighter. This has been a hands-on and first look of Apple's new mini Smart Cover, expect our full review of the iPad mini Smart Cover in the coming days!

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WaterField Is Ready To Protect Your New Apple Investments

Famous for their excellent quality and attention to detail, San Francisco manufacturer WaterField has just announced a huge selection of elegant sleeve cases and bags that will protect your brand spanking new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, the new fourth generation iPad, as well as the long-awaited iPad mini

There are TWELVE different bags and sleeves designed for the new slim 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro for you to choose from and they all provide a different style and degree of protection. You can now preorder any of them from their website and each will run you anywhere between $29 - $239, depending on your personal taste.  

Now that preorders for the iPad Mini are coming along and in just a couple more days after that, they'll start appearing on your doorstep, it would be a smart investment to get a case or sleeve for them. WaterField has you covered. Ranging from the Outback Sleeve, the Ultimate SleeveCase, the EXo SleeveCase, the Wallet, and many others, you'll have a variety to choose from. Every design will also be available for the fourth-generation iPad. You can preorder them from their website as well and they will range from $15 - $69. 

Apple Posts iPad Mini Video

In case you've missed Apple's special event live video stream today, Apple has just posted the iPad mini video that was shown in the keynote which Apple has also put up on its site. The 7.9-inch iPad mini will start retailing for $329 alongside its bigger 9.7-inch brother the iPad 4 later this month. Watch the iPad mini video down below or jump over to Apple for the full keynote video.

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iPad Mini Smart Covers, Now Cuter

As if it wasn't obvious that Apple would design cute little versions of its popular iPad Smart Covers for the new iPad mini. Well, the iPad mini does indeed get its very own version of the Smart Cover which comes in black, gray, green, pink, blue and red polyurathane colors, and it'll set you back a steep $39. As far as we know it Apple isn't planning to custom make any leather Smart Covers or the protective Smart Case for the iPad mini, and that's a shame. The iPad mini Smart Cover loses its aluminum hinge for a cleaner, all-polyurathane design with embedded magnets that'll of course wake and put the iPad mini from and to sleep, while also having the abilities of folding into a typing and viewing stand as well. Apart from protecting your iPad mini's 7.9-inch display, the back of your iPad will be left unprotected.

The iPad mini Smart Cover will be available to pre-order once the iPad mini becomes available to pre-order on October 26th. See the mini Smart Covers in action after the break.

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