Elevation Stand, A Stunning Space-Saving Desk Stand For iMac & Thunderbolt Display

From the same people who brought you the incredibly amazing Elevation Dock for iPhone, comes yet another stunning Apple-inspired accessory. This time it's a unibody stand made for the iMac and Thunderbolt Display. Machined from solid, meticulously finished aluminum, Elevation Lab's new Elevation Stand is designed to raise your iMac up by 66mm to a more comfortable and ergonomic viewing height while taking up less desk space compared to other stands and platforms. With a seamless, screwless unibody construction - the Elevation Stand's hollowed interior lets you store peripherals such as an external backup hard drive or other items, while a chamfered hole opening at the back creates a clean cable management.

Every stand will get glass bead blasted, acid etched, electro-chemically polished, and deep anodized. It's the same finish we apply to Elevation Dock and Apple puts on Macbook Pros.

It takes a 90 million pounds press, the same machine used to help make the Tesla Model S, to extrude the profile of the Elevation Dock from a block of aluminum, which is then refined using glass bead blasting and anodizing techniques to closely match the smooth finish of the iMac's silver metal body.

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iPhone 5 Elevation Dock, One Stunning Aluminum Dock

The most influential iPhone 4S dock is now ready to take on the iPhone 5. The made-in-the-USA Elevation Dock is a beautifully machined, weighty solid aluminum dock fitted with a removable Lightning connector assembly that works with all sorts of iPhone 5 cases. Some of the aluminum finishes the iPhone 5 Elevation Dock comes in include polished anodized blue and black colors as well as glass bead blasted matte silver and black finishes which closely match the finish of Apple products. We haven't seen much if any iPhone 5 docks that are at the Elevation Dock's level, it really is absolutely stunning - and functional too. Besides having the ability to use virtually any case on your iPhone 5 with the Elevation Dock, docking your device will provide you with the perfect portrait viewing and FaceTimeing camera angle too.

The iPhone 5 Elevation Dock doesn't feature an audio-out port like its iPhone 4S sibling nor does it come with a pre-installed Lightning cable or connector, so you're going to have to use the one you have on hand. And it doesn't come cheap either at $89.