Elevation Stand, A Stunning Space-Saving Desk Stand For iMac & Thunderbolt Display

From the same people who brought you the incredibly amazing Elevation Dock for iPhone, comes yet another stunning Apple-inspired accessory. This time it's a unibody stand made for the iMac and Thunderbolt Display. Machined from solid, meticulously finished aluminum, Elevation Lab's new Elevation Stand is designed to raise your iMac up by 66mm to a more comfortable and ergonomic viewing height while taking up less desk space compared to other stands and platforms. With a seamless, screwless unibody construction - the Elevation Stand's hollowed interior lets you store peripherals such as an external backup hard drive or other items, while a chamfered hole opening at the back creates a clean cable management.

Every stand will get glass bead blasted, acid etched, electro-chemically polished, and deep anodized. It's the same finish we apply to Elevation Dock and Apple puts on Macbook Pros.

It takes a 90 million pounds press, the same machine used to help make the Tesla Model S, to extrude the profile of the Elevation Dock from a block of aluminum, which is then refined using glass bead blasting and anodizing techniques to closely match the smooth finish of the iMac's silver metal body.

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