Rokform Outs RokDock Aluminum iPhone 5 Dock

Looking for a rock solid Lightning charging dock for your iPhone 5 or iPod touch? Look no further than Rokform's new beastly, American-made RokDock. It's one of the more cubified, robust-looking iPhone docks we've ever seen. Built out of three pounds of raw CNC machined aluminum, the RokDock promises a sturdy one-handed undocking. The solid machined construction is a precise interlocking of two individual parts that separate for easy Lightning cable replacement. It features perforated audio channels and an adjustable rubber support insert that'll let you use most iPhone 5 cases including Rokform's Rokshield V3 case.

Out of all the aluminum made iPhone docks we've seen, this is the most un-minimalist designed one by far. And there's nothing wrong with its Halo-like industrial styling. The RokDock aluminum iPhone 5 dock is available now in 7 multiple colors and finishes for $99.

Nir Schneider