The Best Apple Watch Charging Docks: The Definitive Guide

The Best Apple Watch Charging Docks: The Definitive Guide

So now that you've pre-ordered your Apple Watch you probably want to get it some accessories that will make charging it on a daily basis a little more convenient. Sadly there isn't an Apple made charging accessory for theApple Watch. But the good news is that there are already a few really great looking options out there made by good old third parties to get you started. All of which use the magnetic charging adapter that comes with everyApple Watch to effortlessly charge your Apple wearable at an elevated angle allowing for continued and uninterrupted usage even while its charging. Without further ado, here are 5 of the best Apple Watch charging docks to use at your desk or next to your least for now.

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Level Your iPhone 6/6 Plus With This Handcrafted Leather Desk Pad

Level Your iPhone 6/6 Plus With This Handcrafted Leather Desk Pad

Have you got $69 burning a hole in your wallet? Well then you can now sleep more easily knowing that you can use the CalypsoPad as a comfortable and perfectly leveled desk and bedside table pad for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Handcrafted out of premium Italian leather, the CalypsoPad does more than just offering a safe and scratch-free spot for you to place your iPhone on. It features an exact embedded impression of the iPhone's curvy shape including a dimple for the protruding rear-facing camera lens to eliminate that annoying jiggle when using your device laying flat on its back.

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Griffin Outs Redesigned PowerMate Bluetooth Desktop Power Tool

Oooooo shiny! If you're like us, you probably love streamlined gadgets that are machined from metal, have some form of lighting and are designed to sit atop of your desk while you fondle them. That is exactly the sole purpose of Griffin's newly revamped PowerMate. Griffin's iconic multi-function controller knob, which was first introduced back in 2001 and has since made cameos in numerous futuristic blockbuster movies due to its timeless design - is now even sleeker and more beautiful than ever. The newly redesigned PowerMate Bluetooth is an even more stylish multi-funtion power tool for the novice and pro computer user. It's also now fully wireless thanks to buil-in Bluetooth connectivity, hence its name.

Described as a clickable knob by perphase everyone that comes in contact with it, the PowerMate Blueooth can be programmed to execute a wide array of key commands in virtually any application. Users can streamline routine tasks such as editing home movies like a pro, scrolling through long documents, or creating audio masterpieces.

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Saidoka Cradles Your iPhone 5 With Lightning Care

Meet the Saidoka, Blouelounge's latest and unique Lightning docking accessory for the iPhone 5 that combines a subtle resting spot where you can charge, sync and view things on your iPhone at a convenient birds eye view. Slightly tilted up and set at the optional viewing angle for when you're sitting at your desk, your iPhone 5 is cradled inside the Saidoka atop a soft rubbery surface which can be removed to accommodate a protective case. The Saidoka was made to have a fairly large base which features micro-suction feet that grab a strong and firm hold of a desk's surface providing you with a sturdy platform to dock and undock your iPhone using only one hand. Now that's an intuitive docking solution, albeit not as intuitive as wireless charging.

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Cube Gives Your iPhone A Home

There are so many smartphone docks on the market right now, each with its own unique factor that prompts you to fall in love with it. Fancy LEDs that flash in all kinds of arrangments, sleek designs with modern finishes, and whatever else your heart desires, you can probably find it for sale somewhere. Yet, there has not been any products as simple as the Cube. Without any exuberant features that nobody really needs, the Cube provides a simple and cozy home for your iPhone or Android device. 

Constructed out of shatter-proof polycarbonate, the Cube is... a cube. It is a cube with a circle in the middle to put your iPhone into. I don't think there will ever be an easier and clearer explanation than that. By taking away all the unneccesary features that other docks try to cram in, the Cube will do what it is meant to do, and do it well. Simply place your USB connector through the bottom, set the Cube on the table, and your iPhone has a place to live. It is so simple and elegant that it will fit right in with the rest of anybody's home. 

Without using any electricity, the Cube is also an amplifier for your smartphone's speakers. We all have come across an occasion where our built-in speakers were just not loud enough. With the Cube, simply by design, music is amplified for a much better experience. 

The only problem with this product is that it doesn't exist yet. The creators of the Cube are asking for your help on Kickstarter to make their dreams a reality and to give your homeless iPhone a permanent shelter. With $25 dollars, you can pre-order your own clear Cube and with an extra $5 dollars, you can pick a Cube in any available colors. 

Clean Up Your Cluttered Desk With AViiQ’s New Ready Clips

Tired of looking at the mess of tangled cables laying on your desk? AViiQ has come out with an innovative idea that could get rid of all your cable problems. Designed to be the size of a pen, the Ready Clip is portable and easy to use. It will easily fit into your bag as well as your budget. At $29.99, they offer a variety of connection options, such as the Apple 30-pin connector, a mini USB connector, and a micro USB connector. This simple solution will get rid of all of your cable-managing woes!

The ElementCase Vapor Dock Continues The Vapor Tradition, Now Shipping

After nearly two month's since ElementCase introduced its first ever dock for the iPhone and iPod at CES 2012, the Vapor Dock, formally refereed to as the Vapor Base, is finally ready to empty your wallet at $120. This rather handsome looking dock is CNC machined from American made aluminum and then finished off using ElementCase's special new FLUX process for a satin coating that's silky smooth to the touch. The Vapor Dock fits most cased iPhones and iPods and features speaker holes with air chambers for enhanced audio, built-in Dock Connector charging cable, hidden bottom cable management, non-skin rubber feet and an UltraSuede covered back compartment. The Vapor Dock is available now and comes in black and silver. 

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