The Best Apple Watch Charging Docks: The Definitive Guide


So now that you've pre-ordered your Apple Watch you probably want to get it some accessories that will make charging it on a daily basis a little more convenient. Sadly there isn't an Apple made charging accessory for theApple Watch. But the good news is that there are already a few really great looking options out there made by good old third parties to get you started. All of which use the magnetic charging adapter that comes with everyApple Watch to effortlessly charge your Apple wearable at an elevated angle allowing for continued and uninterrupted usage even while its charging. Without further ado, here are 5 of the best Apple Watch charging docks to use at your desk or next to your least for now.


First on our list is the Mophie Apple Watch Dock. This svelte $60 charging dock is constructed out of aluminum, features leather accents to ensure your Apple Watch won't get scratched by the otherwise solid aluminum build, cable concealment and is 4.64-inches tall – providing the one of the most commercial-esque display docking experience for the Apple Watch in your home or office. Mophie's Apple Watch Dock is compatible with all Apple Watch models and bands, but might not be the best choice as a bedside charging dock due to its proud height.


Next up is the Nomad Stand – possibly the sleekest all-aluminum Apple Watch charging dock we've come across. Prcied at $60, Nomad's attractively curvy Apple Watch dock comes in silver or Space Gray aluminum finish and features a weighted base for a solid and steady feel, as well as discrete cable routing. The fluid lines and simplicity of the Nomad Stand will undoubtedly win over many Apple Watch users. That being said, we'd be lying if we said we didn't fear all of that unpadded metal around the docking portion of the stand. From the looks of it, it doesn't look like Nomad's Apple Watch docking option has the best protective features when it comes to keeping its aluminum construction from coming in contact with the watch and its strap.

twelve-south-apple-watch-hirise-charging-dock (1)

Twelve South makes one of the best docks around for the iPhone and iPad, and now it's bringing its popular docking stand to the Apple Watch with the $50 HiRise charging stand. This carefully thought-out dock has been designed using weighted steel and features protective silicone and leather padding on and around the support post to help protect your Apple Watch and its strap from getting scratched by the solid metal build quality. Offering the steepest, front-facing vertical viewing orientation out of the bunch, the HiRise elevates theApple Watch to a more convenient viewing angle allowing for uninterrupted usability at a desk while also giving you a better view of the display when lying down. It uses a concealed cable management under its flat base to hide and route your charging cable out of the back. Twelve South's HiRise for the Apple Watch comes in black and silver.

Spigen-Apple-Watch-Stand-dock-S330 (1)

If you're on a tight Apple Watch accessory budget, you'll be happy to know that you can still enjoy a quality charging dock like Spigen's affordably priced Apple Watch Stand S330. Like the Nomad dock, the S330 is constructed out of a single piece of aluminum. It too uses the magnetic charging puck that comes with your watch to charge it using its rubberized plate. The more simplistic looking S330 charging dock lacks leather accents or a clean looking cable management, but of course it doesn't disappoint when it comes down to the price. You'll be able to pick one up for as little as $20. Spigen's Apple Watch dock also offers a comfortable viewing angle of the display and allows for stable use during charging.


The $50 Native Union Dock is the most versatile accessory out of the bunch, and a bit more unique than the rest of these docks in that it can be used to charge and dock the Apple Watch both vertically and horizontally thanks to its clever design. With its sturdy and weighted block-shaped silicone rubber base, the Native Union Dock's side protruding rounded aluminum arm can be adjusted by rotating smoothly to fit your desired viewing angle. The arm can also be used on the opposite side of the block-shaped base for even more versatile configurations. The benefit of having your Apple Watch docked horizontally (flat on its side) means that you'll be able to see the display more naturally when you're lying down. The Native Union Dock will work with any Apple Watch model and strap combination while allowing for effortless docking without having to unbuckle your strap, and is also designed to work with your existing Apple Watch magnetic charging puck.


As an added bonus to end our list for the best Apple Watch dock – the $29 Elevation Lab Night Stand merits an honorable mention for its simplicity, svelte design and affordability. Made from solid, matte finished medical-grade silicone, the Night Stand's inherent anti-scratch design horizontally docks any Apple Watch model and strap combination on its highly compact, streamlined body. It features a clean and discreet cable management, one-handed undocking and a special adhesive bottom that optionally let's you mount it anywhere you'd like to magnetically charge and dock your precious Apple Watch in a gravity defying vertical orientation. The Night Stand is the only Apple Watch dock we've seen that is capable of adhering to the side of your desk, wall or bed frame. It's available in black, red and blue.