Apple Watch Sport Drop Tested, Ion-X Glass Fails Swift Durability Torture


If you had any doubts about the Sport version of the Apple Watch, which features Apple's molecular strengthened Ion-X glass said to be scratch and impact-resistant, your worst fear of potential glass shattering is about to become real. The only time when you can drop your Apple Watch is when you're fumbling around trying to get the strap to securely fasten around your wrist, which can of course mean that the chances of it slipping right off during that time are high.

To find out what will happen to the glass display of a 42mm Apple Watch Sport, YouTube channel TechRax decided to put one through a reasonable drop test from the same height you yourself would most likely be putting around your wrist. After the first drop of it landing on its composite-made back unscathed, the Apple Watch Sport failed miserably when it was dropped facing down, ending with a totally shattered glass display. Though it seemed the watch did remain functional after having suffered a glass shattering impact.

We have yet to see how the stainless steel variant of the Apple Watch will fare in a similar drop test with its sapphire crystal display. Sapphire is technically a lot more resilient when it comes to scratching compared to Ion-X Glass or even Gorilla Glass for that matter, but it's actually even more prone to cracking upon impact. Not comforting at all. Maybe getting a protective case for your Apple Watch isn't that ridiculous after all. Then again you shouldn't be strapping your Apple Watch by yourself above solid ground.