Apple Watch Cases Are Here


Apple Watch cases are apparently a thing now. A very huge thing. It's not like you're going to drop your Apple Watch, but you will bump it into things and that might end badly for your first Apple-made wearable. So companies are jumping on the case making bandwagon now that the Apple Watch is up for grabs, arguably the most popular smartwatch on the market. Spigen is one of the very first accessory maker to take a shot at selling cases for the Apple Watch. And by the looks of it, it’s off to a surprisingly great start.


Spigen is offering a wide selection of cases to Apple Watch users seeking to protect their investment from harm while also having the opportunity to add some additional personal style and color to their wrist. Like its smartphone case lineup, Spigen’s cases for the Apple Watch include popular favorites such as the almighty Tough Armor case exclusively made for the 42mm Apple Watch variant designed to provide the ultimate in shock and impact protection using a hybrid formulation of shock-absorbing TPU and hard polycarbonate materials that best mimic Casio's impossibly resilient G-Shock series of seemingly indestructible watches. It'll also increase the size of the watch by a few millimeters, which is a reasonable caveat. The Tough Armor is designed to offer the most ruggedized protection out of all of Spigen's Apple Watch cases, which is why it also has a built-in screen protector.


Other notable offerings include Spigen’s all-flexible yet highly protective variant of the Tough Armor – the Rugged Armor case – made for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple watches but lacks the addition of a built-in screen protector, the thin and lightweight hard polycarbonate Thin Fit Apple Watch case, as well as the Liquid Crystal cases, which are made out of 0.8mm-thick clear flexible TPU and have the most minimalist design out of them all – also available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes. It's important to note that these cases were designed to work with all Apple-made watch bands and do not interfere with the sensors on the back of the Apple Watch, while also providing easy access to the Digital Crown and side button. And as a side note, much like any ordinary iPhone case, the Apple Watch Spigen cases will add a raised border around the glass or sapphire display for added scratch and chipping protection against accidental bumping.


So before you enter the great outdoors with your Apple Watch, consider using protection. And if protection isn’t your number one priority, think about the customization possibilities with either one of these arguably good looking smartwatch cases. From white and gold to bright orange, there’s going to be a plethora of case options to choose from. Although you can now pre-order every one of Spigen's cases for the Apple Watch, only its most protective cases such as the Tough Armor, Rugged Armor and Slim Armor will only start to ship in early May. If you're one of the lucky few that will get their hands on the Apple Watch as early as April 24th, the ultra-thin Liquid Crystal case will be available on release date just in time to encase your wrist-worn iPhone companion.