Cube Gives Your iPhone A Home

There are so many smartphone docks on the market right now, each with its own unique factor that prompts you to fall in love with it. Fancy LEDs that flash in all kinds of arrangments, sleek designs with modern finishes, and whatever else your heart desires, you can probably find it for sale somewhere. Yet, there has not been any products as simple as the Cube. Without any exuberant features that nobody really needs, the Cube provides a simple and cozy home for your iPhone or Android device. 

Constructed out of shatter-proof polycarbonate, the Cube is... a cube. It is a cube with a circle in the middle to put your iPhone into. I don't think there will ever be an easier and clearer explanation than that. By taking away all the unneccesary features that other docks try to cram in, the Cube will do what it is meant to do, and do it well. Simply place your USB connector through the bottom, set the Cube on the table, and your iPhone has a place to live. It is so simple and elegant that it will fit right in with the rest of anybody's home. 

Without using any electricity, the Cube is also an amplifier for your smartphone's speakers. We all have come across an occasion where our built-in speakers were just not loud enough. With the Cube, simply by design, music is amplified for a much better experience. 

The only problem with this product is that it doesn't exist yet. The creators of the Cube are asking for your help on Kickstarter to make their dreams a reality and to give your homeless iPhone a permanent shelter. With $25 dollars, you can pre-order your own clear Cube and with an extra $5 dollars, you can pick a Cube in any available colors. 

iPod Touch 4G OtterBox Commuter & Defender Cases Will Be Available Soon

OtterBox seems to be going all out on the iPod Touch 4G. Their yet to be released Commuter and Defender cases seem to look very different from the iPhone 4 versions and yet have the same features. Surprisingly though, the Commuter and the Defender look extremely similar until taken a closer look at. Unlike other models of the Commuter, the iPod Touch's version seems to have silicone/plastic that covers up the front, where as other models have the whole face open. If you would like to know when the iPod Touch 4G Commuter & Defender cases are available for order, you can sign up for OtterBox's newsletter. 

Source: OtterBox

Incipio Releases iPhone 4 'Destroyer' Case

Incipio has just released their ultimate protection case, the Destroyer. Looks like the OtterBox Defender has some competition. The Destroyer is available on Incipio's website and is currently marked at a very good price of only 27.99$. As of the moment the only available color is black. Hit up the link for more information.

Source: Incipio