Saidoka Cradles Your iPhone 5 With Lightning Care

Meet the Saidoka, Blouelounge's latest and unique Lightning docking accessory for the iPhone 5 that combines a subtle resting spot where you can charge, sync and view things on your iPhone at a convenient birds eye view. Slightly tilted up and set at the optional viewing angle for when you're sitting at your desk, your iPhone 5 is cradled inside the Saidoka atop a soft rubbery surface which can be removed to accommodate a protective case. The Saidoka was made to have a fairly large base which features micro-suction feet that grab a strong and firm hold of a desk's surface providing you with a sturdy platform to dock and undock your iPhone using only one hand. Now that's an intuitive docking solution, albeit not as intuitive as wireless charging.

Bluelounge's smart thinking in creating an alternative docking solution with the Saidoka certainly changes the original form factor of upright docks as we know them. The company has done a very similar thing with its Nest stand for the iPad which as a desk accessory combines a slanted resting podium, and an upright viewing angle stand with a neat little sport for storing all kinds of bits and pieces like SD cards and small change.

The Saidoka is available today and is available in both 30-pin (iPhone 4/S) and Lightning (iPhone 5) connector models, in black or white for $30 and $50, respectively.