Lockitron Takes Keyless Entry To The Next Level

Everybody likes to think they live in the most modern of times, where automated… everything exists. Well, the forward-thinking folks at Lockitron has got a product for you. Keyless entry has been around for a few years now, predominately in luxury vehicles. Now, it can be found in your house too. 

Simply stick it on the back of a deadbolt lock in your house and you will have a wireless lock that locks and unlocks via your smartphone. Using Bluetooth 4.0, the Lockitron picks up on your signal coming from your iPhone or Android device and automatically unlocks the foo when you're within range and locks it once you're leaving. 

To make things even easier, there is a sharing feature that acts as an extra key. Configure your settings and you can give access to whoever you want. 

If you're eager to give this innovative product a look, you'll have to wait until March once they begin shipping and have $149 ready. You can reserve yours now on their website

Check out how it works in this demo video after the break!

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