Dosh Reveals Syncro iPhone 5s Wallet Case, Holds Cards Plus Cash

When a wallet brand makes a wallet case, and not the other way around, we find the promise and potential in it to be something worthwhile. Especially when that wallet brand is Dosh of Australia. Like all of Dosh's unique wallets, the new Syncro sports a really unique shape made out of the incredibly durable and water resistant TPU material which we found to be highly resilient to wear and tear. Our review of Dosh's amazing Collab Stab 6-card wallet can be found on our Alt section.

The Syncro is first a wallet, not a case, which is why it has been designed to hold up to 6 credit cards in either of its external rear and front card slots along with a bit of cash. With side openings for easier device ejection, your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 slides into the Syncro from the top like a hard rigid sleeve where it is kept secure and protected whilst enabling you to leave behind your wallet yet take all your daily pocket essentials with you in one small package. It may not be for everyone, but if you're one to rock your iPhone naked, the Syncro wallet could very well be a compelling proposition, albeit a bulky one no less. Dosh's Syncro is now available in 8 different color schemes for $70.

Thanks for the tip, Joe!