Miniot Wood Pouch Gives Your iPhone A Woody

This Holland-based company brings an iconic design for your iPhone 4/4S made of authentic wood. Unlike the typical plastic or silicone cases most companies are producing, Miniot gives your iPhone an organic aura, infusing technology with nature. The Miniot Pouch features a soft interior to protect your iPhone from scratches and a hard wooden shell to prevent any dents and cracks. With a simple one-touch lock release on the other side, you can easily slide your iPhone out to use.

This thin and lightweight piece of wood will provide your iPhone with both protection and a unique look. You can even request a custom engraving for an extra fee. Miniot also offers a number of different types of wood: Cherry, Mahogany, Padouk, Walnut, Wenge, or Zebrawood. The Miniot Pouch will be available in two weeks; pre-order yours on their website for €59, around $74.

Miniot Cover Mark 2, A Real Wood Smart Cover For The New iPad 3rd Gen

Miniot has come a long way since it has released its first Smart Cover replacement, the Miniot Cover, made entirely out of wood. Miniot has introduced its newly designed Miniot Cover Mk2 featuring a new and improved design that is compatible with both the new iPad 3rd Gen and the iPad 2. The Miniot Cover Mk2 is hand made in Holland using fine wood that has been rounded in all directions for smooth edges. It features a self-aligning magnetic wood hinge, automatic sleep and wake functionality, Ultrasuede interior lining and the ability to roll into a stand for different viewing angles.

The Miniot Cover Mk2 is available now in six different types of wood species. Cough up $90 (€69), and you've got yourself one amazingly unique, real wood Smart Cover replacement guaranteed to give you a woody.

Miniot's Real Wood Smart Cover Replacement

Miniot's real wood Miniot Cover for the iPad 2 is the natural alternative to Apple's Smart Cover. The Miniot Cover does not use a magnetic hinge or spine yet manages to have the same exact functions as a Smart Cover. You can fold it back to make a landscape, portrait and typing stand all without using a rotating hinge. The magnets are strong and hold the Miniot Cover in place even while you hold your iPad 2 face down, shaking it like a mad man, or woman. It's smooth, it's wood, and it ships this month for €50 (about $70). See the Miniot Cover in action right after the break.

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