Studio Neat Outs Glif+ iPhone Tripod Mount With Extreme Add-Ons

We love the Glif at Gadgetmac and think it's one of the best tripod mount adapters available for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 out there. Great news for iPhone photogs came out from Studio Neat of a new add-on called the Serif and Ligature that help the Glif be that much better. The Serif attaches to the bottom stand slot of the Glif and further provides additional support and secure hold of your iPhone in more extreme conditions like shooting upsides down or mounting your iPhone on your bike using the Gorillapod flexible tripod while the Ligature is a metal keyring loop attachment the screws to the Glif's tripod thread.

The $12 +Pack is for those who already own a Glif and want in on the fun while the $30 Glif+ includes a Glif and both Serif and Ligature adapters besides the classic $20 Glif tripod mount. Both the +Pack and Glif+ packages are expected to start shipping in two weeks' time. Studio Neat has also made good use of the Glif+ packaging that transforms into a mini table tripod for that novelty effect. Video after the break!

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The Cosmonaut Stylus Feels Like A Dry Erase Marker

Meet the Cosmonaut, a wide-grip stylus for capacitive touch screen devices like the iPad. Looks familiar? Maybe you've seen the AluPen before. Both look to have the same thickness and idea for a better stylus. The Cosmonaut on the other hand is designed more like a dry erase marker that is used on dry erase white boards. Its rounded shape and a similar tip as of a dry erase marker which makes for a smooth and effortless screen gliding, supposedly of course. Shipping begins in June and you can pre-order the Cosmonaut stylus right now for $25. Oh did I mention that the these are the same dudes who successfully brought the Glif into life? It's safe to say they've also succeeded with the Cosmonaut stylus.

Nir Schneider