The Cosmonaut Stylus Feels Like A Dry Erase Marker

Meet the Cosmonaut, a wide-grip stylus for capacitive touch screen devices like the iPad. Looks familiar? Maybe you've seen the AluPen before. Both look to have the same thickness and idea for a better stylus. The Cosmonaut on the other hand is designed more like a dry erase marker that is used on dry erase white boards. Its rounded shape and a similar tip as of a dry erase marker which makes for a smooth and effortless screen gliding, supposedly of course. Shipping begins in June and you can pre-order the Cosmonaut stylus right now for $25. Oh did I mention that the these are the same dudes who successfully brought the Glif into life? It's safe to say they've also succeeded with the Cosmonaut stylus.

Nir Schneider