Popa iPhone Shutter Release Button Grip Now Shipping, Gets Unboxed

Formerly called Red Pop, Popa the big juicy red shutter button adding accessory for both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 is now shipping and is eager to replace your iPhone's silly volume button. Popa was carefully designed to have a solid aluminum body with real black leather grip textured similarly to those you would find on expensive Leica cameras while a tripod mount underneath completes the Popa's camera grip functionality. The Popa powers using the iPhone's dock connector and once it finds itself attached, the Popa app automatically launches. The Popa includes a leather wrist strap that attaches to the bottom tripod mount as well as a storage pouch. You can grab yours now for £49.99 ($77.48).

Catch the unboxing and hands-on overview video right after the jump!

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Officially Take Pictures Using Your iPhone's Volume + Button

Apple has announced many new features today at WWDC for iOS 5, one big new feature utilizes the iPhone's volume + (up) button as a physical camera shutter button to quickly snap shots like a point-n-shot camera. 3rd party camera apps have been known to secretly add such a feature without Apple's approval and were quickly removed. Not long ago we posted about a new accessory for the iPhone 4 called the Red Pop camera grip that adds a big red camera shutter button for those who want a physical button to press. The Red Pop runs for $75 while Apple just offered a simple free software update to do just that. The iPhone's volume button certainly isn't a big juicy red button, but it will do just fine. In addition, iOS 5 will add the ability to directly access the camera app from the lock screen even if you've set a password. iOS 5 will be available this fall.

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Red Pop Grip Adds A Physical Camera Shutter Button To iPhone 4

Beep Industries, the same guys that brought you the super simple MoviePeg stand for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, are bringing back the physical shutter release button with their new accessory called the Red Pop for the iPhone 4. Well it isn't really going to bring back any physical shutter release button to iPhone 4 but you get the idea. The Red Pop adds a big red button to your iPhone 4 that acts as the camera shutter button and allowing you to take shots like you would with any other camera more easily and with less downtime between shots, all without touching the screen. Red Pop will only work with the free Red Pop app and will automatically launch as soon as the Red Pop is connected to the iPhone 4 via the dock connector. Beep Industries are looking to expand compatibility with other camera apps as well.

The body of the Red Pop is made out of aluminum with a black rubber grip. It's currently available to pre-order for $75 on Kickstarter. Catch the video after the jump.

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