iOS 5 Beta 4, iTunes 10.5 Beta 4, Xcode 4.2 Seeds To Developers


Apply has released iOS 5 beta 4, iTunes 10.5 Beta 4, and the fourth preview of Xcode 4.2. iTunes 10.5 beta 4 is required to sync with this beta of iOS 5. We will keep you posted on anything new in this beta.

Officially Take Pictures Using Your iPhone's Volume + Button

Apple has announced many new features today at WWDC for iOS 5, one big new feature utilizes the iPhone's volume + (up) button as a physical camera shutter button to quickly snap shots like a point-n-shot camera. 3rd party camera apps have been known to secretly add such a feature without Apple's approval and were quickly removed. Not long ago we posted about a new accessory for the iPhone 4 called the Red Pop camera grip that adds a big red camera shutter button for those who want a physical button to press. The Red Pop runs for $75 while Apple just offered a simple free software update to do just that. The iPhone's volume button certainly isn't a big juicy red button, but it will do just fine. In addition, iOS 5 will add the ability to directly access the camera app from the lock screen even if you've set a password. iOS 5 will be available this fall.

Nir Schneider