MobileMount+ Will Mount Your Smartphone Onto Anything


The dual-slinging, double suction cup mount MobileMount, is back with one more additional feature that warrants its MobileMount+ moniker. What sets the MobileMount+ apart from the previous generation, is its ability to separate into two pieces - one of which has the ability to attach onto any tripod head thanks to its threaded 1/4" ball joint connection. Like the MobileMount, the MobileMount+ is a compact double suction cup mount designed to allow users to mount virtually any smartphone with a flat back onto a variety of surfaces to be used as an in-car GPS device amongst many other applications, while a ball joint let's you adjust the viewing angles.

The MobileMount+ can also be used as a tablet kickstand with adjustable set of tilting angles. The MobileMount+ can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter starting at $30, in black or white colors.

Thanks for the tip, Chris and Lindsay!