Use Your Phone As A Portable Scanner With Scandy

Scanners and all-in-one printers are a thing of the past. Scandy is said to be the future of document scanning. It lets you turn any smartphone into a portable desk scanner using its built-in camera. We know the iPhone 4 has a superb camera on its back, but is that enough to entice users to start using it to scan important documents? Scandy thinks so. The Scandy is a beautifully designed telescoping stand arm made out of plastic and also comes in an aluminum version, allowing you to adjust the height in order to fit different sized documents or photos and scan them 10 times faster than a traditional scanner. The idea is to take non-blurry photos of documents. Scandy may have hit a new market for scanning solutions with this Ikea desk leg look-alike, but as far as I'm concerned, smartphones aren't ready yet to compete against the real deal.

Scandy is currently a new Kickstarter project, but you can already pre-order yours for $40 and $100 for the platinum aluminum anodized version.

Nir Schneider