Wingstand Will Marry Your Tablet & Smartphone With Your Keyboard

This neat little accessory called the Wingstand, takes advantage of your existing Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and attached to it in order to marry your iPad, tablet, eReader and even a smartphone into a touchscreen working horse. The Wingstand is possibly the tiniest and most portable stand solution we've ever seen before. Of course you can always get one of those keyboard cases, but the Wingstand was created for those who already have all the parts necessary in making their own Multi-Touch computer on the cheap. Wingstand even works with most incased tablets and smartphones so you'll always stay safe and protected. Your gadget will that is. Even Apple's Smart Cover, although that really defeats the purpose of having a Smart Cover isn't it.

Check out the video after the break for some geekiness action. If you like what you see, then you can pre-order a Wingstand for $20 over at Kickstarter. We've got much love for Kickstarter here at Gadgetmac.


Nir Schneider