Gekko Stand Looks To Be The Only Stand You’ll Ever Need

Kickstarter continues to be a breeding ground for great and innovative products for your favorite gadgets and Gekko Stand hopes to be the next. As a designer, Dwight Houser became sick of the stands and mounts available on the market due to their “one-trick pony” like functionality. Enter the Gekko Stand, a multi-function stand+mount that works with just about any device, anywhere. It uses a NanoSuction pad that allows it to stick to any flat surface and won't leave any sticky residue behind when finished. Use it as a mount for your smartphone while driving or turn it into a stand for your tablet when stationary. The adjustable arm is made up of several ball and socket joints that can be put together or taken apart to adapt to your specific situation. It's like an adult lego accessory for your gadgets. For non-flat surfaces, a clamp can be used and with an entry price of $30, this product is too good to pass up. Gekko Stand is less than $1000 from reaching its project goal on Kickstarter and will be funded on March 15th. 

XFLEX, The All In One Tablet And Phone Stand

XFLEX is one really useful piece of hardware that has been long overdue in our world of tablets and smartphones. It can be used to stand virtually any tablet or smartphone. It has two detachable pieces that can fit in a purse or backpack and can be used in a million and one places.

The XFLEX is made up of two pieces, one being a flexible arm and the other being a weighted base made of aircraft aluminum. There is one connection hole on each side of the base that allows maximum accessibility where the arms can attach via magnets. For as simple as the device is, it is truly the real deal in all-in-one accessories. Use it on any flat surface, wedge it between your couch cushions or fit it in the back seat pocket of a car for easy video viewing. 

Why get other single purpose products that only work for specific devices (mostly iOS ones) when you get a high quality, US made all-in-one device. XFLEX currently has a Kickstarter page up to raise enough funds so they can lower production costs and keep it manufactured in the US. As of writing this, they have hit half of their $20,000 goal. You can get it for $40 off on their Kickstarter page or order it immediately on their website.

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Bendi Flexes Its Muscles Putting Your iPad Where You Want It

Much like the HoverBar, this flexible iPad stand is less glorified but claims to have more compatibility with other tablets as well. It's called the Bendi, a Kickstarter project. It employs a heavy duty suction cup mount that attaches to the back of any iPad including the soon to be released iPad 3. Additionally, the suction cup mount will attach to any similar tablet designed with a flat and smooth back making the Bendi just a little more practical than the HoverBar. 

Bendi takes the weight off your gentle hands using a flexible, 22-inch long goose neck that can easily be manipulated in endless angles with a rubber lined clamp at the other end that secures onto the side of a desk, table and various furniture. The guys behind the Bendi, Moonlight Studio, will eventually release a magnetic base as another form of attachment. The Bendi is available to pre-order right now for $55 over at Kickstarter.

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MobileMount Lets You Mount Gadgets To Your Windshield

When thinking about a stand for the iPhone and iPad, one doesn't think about a suction cup stand. That's until you get to know what this one has to offer. The MobileMount is a universal suction cup mount and kickstand designed for smartphones and tablets with a flat surface. The MobileMount's unique Twist-to-Lock suction cups that create a strong vacuum that's much more reliable than your run-off-the-mill double suction cups. Together with an adjustable ball joint, the MobileMount allows you to mount your smartphone on a windshield for GPS use while offering a useful kickstand for heavier devices like your tablet. The MobileMount is available for pre-order at $25.

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