Bendi Flexes Its Muscles Putting Your iPad Where You Want It

Much like the HoverBar, this flexible iPad stand is less glorified but claims to have more compatibility with other tablets as well. It's called the Bendi, a Kickstarter project. It employs a heavy duty suction cup mount that attaches to the back of any iPad including the soon to be released iPad 3. Additionally, the suction cup mount will attach to any similar tablet designed with a flat and smooth back making the Bendi just a little more practical than the HoverBar. 

Bendi takes the weight off your gentle hands using a flexible, 22-inch long goose neck that can easily be manipulated in endless angles with a rubber lined clamp at the other end that secures onto the side of a desk, table and various furniture. The guys behind the Bendi, Moonlight Studio, will eventually release a magnetic base as another form of attachment. The Bendi is available to pre-order right now for $55 over at Kickstarter.

Thanks for the tip, Eric!

Nir Schneider