Cabin Brings MagSafe-Like Capabilities & Backup Power To iPhone

Cabin by a start-up compact called Hevo Labs is taking on Apple at its own game with possibly the sleekest charging accessory ever to be put on Kickstarter. And yes, this is yet another Kickstarter product that has surpassed its original funding goal of $50,000 within days. It seems like all the coolest product ideas stem from this amazing crowed-funding platform. All applauding aside, Cabin is an iPhone accessory that is trying to tackles two different things at once using the brilliant power of magnetism. This is one of those accessories that you'll desperately want.

Although it doesn't have the most attractive product name, Cabin sure does impress us with its all-aluminum and possibly the best looking, ultra-slim battery pack which attaches to the back of the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s using a MagSafe-like magnetic connection. It was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, yet it still packs a 2200mAh rechargeable battery under a svelte-looking, contoured aluminum unibody construction - which we think fits Apple's design language better than any battery case out there. That's partly because the Cabin battery isn't really a case.

Instead of covering and protecting the sides and edges of the iPhone with a traditional wrap-around form factor, it simply clings to the back of the device to keep things as minimal and as non-bulky as imaginably possible. The battery can be easily removed or attached thanks to its magnetic design. Hevo Labs says the Cabin battery will deliver a familiar and comfortable hold, whilst providing you with up two 130% of additional backup battery performance when you're on the go.

But an ultra-svelte aluminum battery "case" is only the beginning of the Cabin accessory system for the iPhone. There's also this, the MagAdapter. If you thought the Lightning connector was the best thing that has ever happened to charging cables, Hevo Labs isn't afraid it might infringe on Apple's MagSafe patents, because it has just made its own magnetic Lightning connector cable with this MagAdapter adapter which will magnetically connect to your iPhone or the Cabin battery to charge and sync.

Hevo Labs created a tiny adapter called the MicroAdapter, which is designed to plug into the Lightning connector port on the iPhone in order to allow for the magnetic connection functionality between the Cabin battery, the MagAdapter Lightning connector and other Cabin accessories like the one below. Are you even paying attention, Apple?

To make your life even more magically awesome, Hevo Labs designed a matching charging dock alongside the Cabin battery which also uses this MagSafe-like magnetic charging connector and minimalist aluminum unibody design. It's as simple as resting your iPhone with or without the Cabin battery attached on the Cabin Dock to charge and even sync with iTunes. This is literally the easiest and most convenient way to recharge your iPhone - magnetically.

Hold on, let me just pick up my fell on my floor.

Cabin currently only supports the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, and there's no word on an iPad adoption. Though Hevo Labs did say that it will do its best to develop a Cabin version that will support Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 handsets. 

You can pre-order Hevo Labs' MicroAdapter and MagAdapter separately for $25 if you just want to transform your existing Lightning connector cable into a MagSafe-esque charge and sync cable. Or for $59 you can also get yourself the Cabin Dock. And for a limited time, you can pre-order the Cabin battery system for $89. But if you want it all, $145 will net you the entire Cabin charging accessory kit including the Cabin battery, Cabin Dock, MagAdapter and of course a MicroAdapter. Not convinced? Watch the video down below: