Up Your Game With The Nova Wireless External LED Flash For iPhone

iPhoneography is no laughing matter. And in fact this moniker has been the inspiration for a burst in camera accessories designed to enhance the way you shoot with your iPhone, namely tripod mounts, wireless shutter controllers, lenses and even light meter adapters. Now it's time to get on-board the "strobist" side of iPhoneography with a new app-enhanced Bluetooth accessory designed to work with the iPhone called Nova. Nova is an impossibly slim, wireless off-camera LED flash that enables you to get creative with how you light your subject using unrestricted angles and distances. Nova is so slim that you'll never have an excuse to leave it behind. Just slip it into your wallet as if it were another one of your credit cards, and bam you've got yourself proper lighting to get that superb shot using your iPhone.

The Nova flash uses 40 bright LEDs diffused by a white plastic diffusion panel resulting in soft, natural looking light on your subject. It's powered by an internal rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery that should give you about 150 flash cycles per full charge and a wireless Bluetooth range of up to 20ft. Using the free Nova iOS app is required at least until other camera apps will support Nova (Android support will soon follow). With the Nova app you'll also be able to control and adjust Nova's brightness intensity as well as how warm or cool you want your light output to be. Nova can be used as a hands-free wireless external flash, meaning that you can place it far away and shoot with your iPhone as it wirelessly triggers the LED flash in sync with the camera.

While we really like the Nova concept, it'll be a while until you can get your hands on the finished product which will be in early 2014. If you don't mind the wait, you can pre-order and secure your very own Nova wireless LED flash at a discounted price over at Kickstarter starting at $49. 

Take Macro Shots Using A Rubber Band Macro Lens With Any Smartphone


Like macro photography and happen to be using a smartphone with a decent enough camera? iPhoneography is booming with the recent bump in pixels on the iPhone 4S and many great adapter lenses available like the olloclip to help spice your composition up a bit. Photojojo's Macro Cell Lens Band is looking to replace the olloclip with its versatility and easy on-off, rubber band good charms. It apparently works with slim cases as well, so triple the charm! The Macro Cell Lens is a sturdy rubber band with a macro lens built into it promising sharp focus, details and best off all its compatible with almost any smartphone.
This searchable lens band is unsurprisingly iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 compatible by the looks of it. Hit the link above for some action shots. In any case, it'll cost you just $15 and comes stretched conveniently on a plastic card for wallet storage. 

Nir Schneider