The Tank iPad Case Keeps Your Tablet Protected And Stylish

Inno Pocket, an Asian based mobile accessory company, is looking to upgrade the Smart Cover with their own version called the Tank. It is an aluminum constructed, anti-shock case that is designed to protect your iPad in its entirety. The case is made with two aluminum shells using an ABS clasp that allows you to rotate the top shell in a 360 degree motion. The bottom shell is designed to fit snuggly with your iPad and has an ultra-thin polymeric lining to keep it from scratching the metal surface. Similar to the Smartcover, the Tank can form into four different positions allowing for easy reading, writing, watching, and video calling. The Tank is available now for $99.99.

The Tank iPhone 4S Case, One Mean Ugly Rugged Case (Video)


Case-Mate's latest tough case might be one of the most ugliest cases you've come across, but at least it's one of the most toughest iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 cases Case-Mate has ever made that meets and exceeds military specs. It's called the Tank, seems only fitting for such a case. Yes but what's different about this one that Griffin's Survivor case doesn't have? The Tank case was designed to have a unique retractable screen that shields and fully protects the iPhone's glass screen against impacts, cracking and condensation. The Tank's exterior is made up from a hard, shatter-resistant polycarbonate shell coated with a rubber soft-touch grippy coating and a soft silicone core for more than just drop protection. 

Sounds like a winning hybrid combination that can take a beating like a punching bag. Case-mate says the Tank's hard polycarbonate exterior shell is 2.5 times more shatter resistant than similar tough cases meeting military specs. Case-Mate's most protective case can be had for $60 of your cold hard cash and comes in black and pink. Video after the break!

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